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Trabajo Word Valverde Vega

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 ...Atiende clientes internos y externos de la compañía así como proveedores. Requisitos para aplicar: Estudiante de Administración de empresas. Conocimiento intermedio, avanzado de Word, Excel y Outlook. Experiencia en procesos de compra. Experiencia en manejo de cajas.
6 días atrás
Banco Promérica  -  Castro
 ...Manuales, Material Publicitario, Contratos Legales. d. Control: amplio manejo (indispensable) de los paquetes de MS Office: Excel, Word, Power Point, así como un manejo básico de MS Project. e. Implementación: Listas de Control, Comunicación & Mercadeo, y Capacitaciones... 
4 días atrás
Castro 550001 - 650000 por mes
 ...de cobro Requisitos para aplicar: • Estudiante intermedio de la carrera de Administración de Empresas o Contaduría • 1 años en gestión de crédito y cobro Excel, Word intermedio indispensable, deseable conocimientos de People Soft y Power Point. Disponibilidad inmediata
23 días atrás
Costa Rica
 ...qeu tienen errores ortográficos y errores de redacción por lo que hay que unificar el estilo y las tablas. se entregará un documento word y se deberá entregar con los cambiso realizados utilizando la herramiento de cambios de word (track changes). El documento se... 
5 días atrás
Costa Rica
 ...recognition. Yes, this is the Dream Comic and opportunity! Since the time I've started working on this story I've written a 10,000 word script and an over 30,000 word novelette. All of which I will convert into a comic book series. Here's the deal I'm looking for a partner... 
14 días atrás
Costa Rica
 ...and oranges hanging in the trees their bigger than normal. Huge vegetables also are growing out of the ground in the jungle. Then the words Appear on the screen "the amazon jungle is a dangerous and mysterious place filled with all sorts of unknown creatures." Then you... 
12 días atrás
Costa Rica
 ...will only be giving the artist that we hire a few specific details about what the characters and settings will look like. In other words, you will have a great deal of creative freedom on the project. But If something isn't working for us, we reserve the right to change... 
14 días atrás
Costa Rica
I have an 115,112 word, 289-page novel that I need proofread. The proofreader requirements are to focus on examining the text carefully to find and correct typographical errors and mistakes in grammar, style, spelling, surface errors such as punctuation, correcting superficial... 
Hace un mes
Costa Rica
 ...to sit with my mother so she can tell her story so I have for when she passes. I have tried but I do not know how to put in all into words and I would like to have a book or memoirs completed. This would be the greatest gift for both for us. The completion is an... 
5 días atrás
Costa Rica
 ...itself might open a serious case against plagiarized documents. The pay would be $20/article, and articles should be around 700-750 words. The quality of writing has to be in a very acceptable level to be considered for future works. Good writers will have chance to have... 
22 días atrás
Costa Rica
$20 Pays 4 Applicants We are requesting a minimum of 750 words about an event of the past that has changed your life forever. Reflect on a season which contributed to the person you are today and explain why it was necessary for you to experience it.
2 días atrás
Costa Rica
 ...video and images Looking for something fun, not corporate, aimed at student audience. Idea is to have (forgive my lack of technical wording below) - a couple of opening text slides - fast cuts showing images from the party interspersed with happy birthday video messages.... 
24 días atrás

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