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Trabajo Word San Pedro (distrito), Valverde Vega, Alajuela

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Costa Rica
Looking for an editor for my third novel, "Shredded," a dystopian-future Sci-Fi novel of approximately 65,000 words. The job involves both copyediting and developmental editing, but the manuscript is presently high quality. The successful applicant will have prior experience... 
3 días atrás
Costa Rica
I direct the Bountiful Jr. High Community School in Bountiful, Utah. I have a beginning MS Word and PPT class scheduled to be taught every Thursday from 6-8 pm for 6 weeks beginning January 19th. However, my instructor just quit leaving me with a little more than a week... 
6 días atrás
Korn Ferry International  -  Castro
 ...working in an organization providing services across multiple markets or geographies Intermediate to Advanced PC skills (MS Excel, Word, PowerPoint) required Works effectively in a fast-paced, dynamic environment, under pressure and with a high degree of professionalism... 
24 días atrás
TECH DATA  -  Castro
 .... Possesses strong data entry skills. Possesses strong organizational and time management skills, driving tasks to completion. Able to use relevant computer system applications (which may include spreadsheets, word processors, databases, etc.) at an intermediate level.
25 días atrás
Meditek  -  Castro 250001 - 350000 por mes
 ...Estudiante avanzado en Ingeniería Industrial. Conocimientos o bases universitarias en Calidad. Manejo herramientas: Microsoft Visio, Word, Excel, Power Point. Preferiblemente que viva en San José. Atento (a) a los detalles. Trabajo en equipo. Persona metódica. Tiempo... 
6 días atrás
SCOTIABANK  -  Castro 750001 - 1000000 por mes
 ...regulaciones locales e internacionales de Anti-Lavado de Dinero, Política Conozca a su Cliente y Sugef 01-05, Riesgo Paquete Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Outlook y Powerpoint Conocimiento de estados financieros, estados contables. Sólido conocimiento de las características y... 
24 días atrás
 ...énfasis en telecomunicaciones .• Inglés intermedio lectura y escritura.• Conocimientos en Utilizar herramientas de ofimática, como Word, Excel, Power Point y Servicio al cliente.• Conocimiento en Windows server 2008 R2 en adelante, centrales telefónicas. Conocimientos... 
13 días atrás
Castro 350001 - 450000 por mes
 ...Administración de Recursos Humanos, o carrera afín Experiencia de mínima de 2 años. Experiencia y conocimiento en paquete office windows, word, excel, power point. Experienciaen aplicación de pruebas psicométricas. Experiencia en el área de seguridad Disponibilidad Inmediata... 
14 días atrás
Castro 450001 - 550000 por mes
 ...curiosa y pro activa para el puesto de Asistente Administrativa- Comercial. Requisitos para aplicar: Manejo avanzado de Office (Excel, Word y Power Point) Deseable conocimientos básicos en SAP. Herramientas de Internet y correo electrónico en el nivel de usuario. 1 año en... 
7 días atrás
Korn Ferry International  -  Castro
 ...communication, interpersonal, and organization skills required SAP or JDE Experience desired Intermediate to Advanced PC skills (MS Excel, Word, PowerPoint) required Demonstrated commitment to education and professional development Ability to operate independently and remain... 
24 días atrás
DEL MONTE  -  Castro
 ...Conocimiento en normas internacionales NIC / NIIF / GAAP / NIA, legislación mercantil, fiscal y laboral. Conocimientos avanzados en Excel y Word. Al menos 2 años de experiencia en procesos de Auditoría, operativo y administrativo. Preferiblemente Licencia B1. Disponibilidad y... 
5 días atrás
Concentrix  -  Castro
 ...Professional in communications and appearance. -Flexible, moldable - ability to learn quickly and embrace new things. -Proficient in various software packages (MS Word, Excel, PP, Outlook) and ability to learn new software tools quickly. -Sharp individuals with desire to learn.
Hace un mes
Costa Rica
 ...cantidad de palabras variable; algunos de 400, otros de 800, etc. No es necesario incluir imágenes. La entrega puede ser en formato MS Word o Notepad. Progongo 0.50 USD por cada 100 palabras. Temáticas Salud y estado físico Relaciones personales Animales (ocasionalmente)... 
5 días atrás
Costa Rica
I have finished my first children's book Toddler Behavior Agency, it is up on createspace and ready to go I just need the right artist to add vision to the story. I'd like to have a cover and about 10-15 drawings as words will be on one side and picture on the other
9 horas atrás
Costa Rica
 ...And, when it comes to content, you choose utility over virality - meaning, you build relationships with consumers through the written word and instill a sense of confidence and trust. You don’t just write for shock value; rather, you help them make educated and informed... 
17 días atrás
Costa Rica
 ...for a Main Logo and 3 character nameplates. The name of the channel is "Action Kids NOW!" and the main logo is going to consist of wording in an inkeeping style with the characters (sample to be attached below). We expect the character NamePlates to be a bit simpler and... 
1 día atrás
Costa Rica
 ...teenager in search of himself way into the years of adulthood where a stubborn child is finally transformed into a man of valor. In other words, Attitude and Faith: Trusting in the Unknown, eloquently tells the story of the love, the joy, the pain and the sorrow of an... 
Hace un mes
Costa Rica
 ...need 10 articles to start and if things go well I'll need more consistently every week. You don't have to be an expert on mobile apps by any means. As long as you can write decently that's all that matters. - 400 - 500 words - 10 Unique articles - good grammar and spelling
28 días atrás

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